Our history in brief

The company was founded in 1956 as a specialized company for land reclamation works. JSC Plungės lagūna was established in 1993 after privatization of this state-owned company.

In 1994 our company started cooperation with Danish companies Puritek” and “Kruger”, and started specialization in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) construction. The first WWTP was built in Plateliai, followed by Šilalė WWTP in 1995.

1996 was the beginning of works in engineering piping construction sector. During 1997 – 1999 our company teamed with German contractor „Preussag” for construction of Būtingė oil terminal and Būtingė – Mažeikiai main pipeline.

During 2001 – 2003 the company worked at the 700 km border line with Belorussia and Poland and established patrol paths, trace lanes, bridges, viaducts and other facilities.

JSC Plungės lagūna specializes in the construction, reconstruction and repair of engineering networks, wastewater treatment plants, hydrotechnical buildings, roads and bridges, landfills, drainage systems and other ecological objects.

The Company performs construction and renovation operations on transport and engineering communications by applying trenchless technologies. Trenchless technology makes possible to construct subsurface utility infrastructure with minimal environmental impact, since cables or pipes of various diameter and various application are laid out underground by ramming.

To ensure successful and long service life projects, the pipelines are rehabilitated by using cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP). The CIPP method is a polymeric sleeves incorporation and its formation in a tube by using UV rays.

The employees of our Design Department prepare all project documentation, necessary to implement engineering solutions, for our customers.

The company uses innovative construction technologies and materials, strong technical / mechanization capabilities and has brought together the team of professional construction engineers, technicians and qualified construction managers with many years of experience.

Management standarts

The quality management system, complying with the requirements of standards ISO 9002:1995 has been operating in the company since 1999.

The company has implemented and operates in accordance with the integrated Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

JSC Plungės lagūna is also certified by the State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Energy to engage installation in heating equipment and turbines, electricity and liquefied petroleum gas.